All in a year’s work

It feels like an insanely long time since I last wrote in this blog. Life has just become too busy and exciting to want to spend all my time writing and I’m so happy to be able to say that.

A year ago on this day I was working my last shift in one of the most soul destroying jobs that I think I’ll ever do. I was just an unimportant number to my employers and knew that by resigning I wasn’t affecting anyone; management wouldn’t miss me and my place was probably filled soon after by ten more poor souls who had no where else to go. I would only be missed by the few people I had made a connection with; the rest of the people in my office might recognise my face but they only knew my name by the sales target board that I tallied up my “successful” calls on. I always knew an office job wasn’t for me, especially a call centre job, but now I can safely say that I know this is true because I’ve actually done it.

Since then my life has done a total 1-80; I’m now a qualified chef and I spend my time in work on my feet trying to think about a million things at once. This is the start of my career as a chef and I hope to keep advancing it. Both inside and outside of work I’m surrounded by good people, funny people, people who want to listen to me, people who want to get drunk and fall into a taxi at the end of the night with me, people who want to get breakfast with me the next day as we all discuss the previous night’s events, people who message me to make sure I’m okay, people who don’t give up on me even when I melt their heads.

I’m going back to college in September too and I cannot wait. I graduated my first year with a merit and a student of the year award and am unbelievably proud of myself. Last summer I was a shell of the person that I am today and I have college to thank for it. Cheffing has boosted my confidence and changed me massively. Most of all I’ve found something that I’m truly passionate about and I love that. Next year I’m aiming for a distinction and possibly another student of the year award, I just have to work insanely hard to make sure I get there.

All in all the past twelve months have been incredibly life changing, and I’m beyond excited to see what the next twelve have in store.



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