Why I’m still not convinced that homosexuality is a sin: the aftermath of being honest.

Last week I wrote an article on why I don’t believe homosexuality is a sin (if you haven’t read it yet I would encourage you to have a look before continuing with this post) and the responses I got have made me more determined than ever to continue supporting the LGBT community within the Church.

Some Christians have told me that I need to read my Bible again and ask God to show me His word instead of letting it “conform to my worldly opinion”, they’ve told me that what I’ve said is harmful, that I’m misrepresenting God, His love, and His will. Other Christians have been ecstatic to see someone voice an opinion like this, something they finally agree with. I’ve had messages from gay people thanking me for sticking up for them, telling me that they don’t often see “religious people” taking their side and that it means a lot that I have.

The Christians who have militantly disagreed with me haven’t for one second made me reconsider a single thing I said in the post. People accused me of having a flawed argument but didn’t explain why, others avoided my questions when asking what they were referring to, some accused me of arguing when I tried to discuss their thoughts on the issue, one even stated that it’s a fact that homosexuality is bad for “society, families, children, and the population” and yet couldn’t tell me where she’d discovered this apparent “fact”.

I can’t help but think of this rather witty Tumblr post I saw yesterday: “As a queer guy I get a confidence boost from republicans insinuating that my mere existence has the power to destroy a country”. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that people are very ready to make sweeping statements such as, “The entire Bible calls homosexual behaviour sin. That’s the bottom line” (this was actually said to me) and then follow it up with random Bible verses, including Leviticus 18:22 (if you want to take one law from Leviticus then you better start implementing them all into your life, which means no more shellfish, pork, mixing of fabrics, and you should best start stoning women whose virginity can’t be proved by her parents before she gets married; that sounds fair, right?), to try and give evidence as to why they’re right. How can the entire Bible say something if all you can reference is a few random verses that, if researched correctly, don’t say anything about homosexual relationships?

A verse that people love to reference when trying to prove that homosexuality is a sin is Genesis 2vs24:

“That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.”

This verse is found in the part of Genesis where God is creating a helper for Adam, and it doesn’t say a single thing about homosexuality. It doesn’t say that a man couldn’t find a helper in another man, or that a woman couldn’t find a helper in another woman, it just says that Adam found a helper in Eve. Telling people that that confirms that homosexuality is wrong is completely twisting what it actually says; it’s the story of creation, not of who can be in a relationship with who.

Out of all the people I’ve spoken to who disagree with me, none of them have been able to fully back up their arguments, and that worries me quite a bit. I’ve grown up with a generation of Christians who have taken on a set of beliefs and don’t really know why they have them, yet are more than ready to tell complete strangers (I had numerous debates with people I don’t know), very passionately and angrily, that homosexuality is a sin. Have they, by their own ignorance, pushed away an entire community of people because they’ve been too afraid to question the Bible and discover something that’s different to what their parents and pastors told them?

But I haven’t just had negative responses from Christians, I’ve had positive responses from gay people that have made me realise that I need to continue sticking up for the things that are important to me. My main aim in all of this is that people will know they are loved, regardless of their sexual orientation, or whether they identify as male or female, and that they will never feel as if they aren’t welcome or that there’s something in their life that isn’t “right”.

Being gay isn’t a choice, just like being straight isn’t a choice, and we can’t tell people that something they have no choice in is sinful if we can’t tell them why. God didn’t make a single mistake when He created us and all of His creation is beautiful; in fact it’s absolutely stunning, it’s a work of art. Whatever your sexual orientation, you’re a work of art.

So in regards to the person who told me that I’m misrepresenting God’s love: if what I’ve said has made people feel loved and important, isn’t that what God would want?

Whether you agree with me on this topic or not I encourage you to do your own research before discussing the matter. I encourage you to stop worrying that questioning the things you were told as a child means that you’re turning your back on God because you might just find that it brings you even closer to Him, and you might discover that His love is even greater than you ever imagined.



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