Becoming a part of the family.

This week I’ve realised that stepping out of my comfort zone doesn’t always involve travelling half way across the world on my own.

Oddly enough I actually feel very comfortable doing that.

But sometimes you can step out of your comfort zone in a Church hall ten minutes from your front door, and that is exactly what I’ve done this month.

When my friend suggested I help with our Holiday Bible Club I thought, “Sure, why not? What could possibly go wrong?” as I completely forgot about the fact that I would be insanely nervous about the whole thing as it got closer. I’ve been working on getting more involved at Church since about March, you see. I started with small group, which went well, but outside of that I wasn’t so sure what to do. We were coming up to the summer and Kid’s Church was coming to an end so I knew there would be few opportunities in Kid’s Ministry to get involved again until September, so I was certain I needed to help with Holiday Bible Club.

As the event got closer and closer and I found out more about pre-club team meetings I got gradually more nervous and, on the day of the first meeting, considered chickening out twenty minutes before it started. However, I know how good things are when we obey God, when we do what He wants us to do, and I knew He wanted me to go to this meeting.

Honestly, the meeting was great. It was far less intimidating than I thought it would be and I had to stop myself looking like a crazy person and grinning the whole way home. The second meeting was just as good and the first three mornings of the club have been great. I’m enjoying getting to know the other volunteers immensely and the kids are just beyond amazing.

Up until this month when I really stepped out of my comfort zone and got involved with Church I would feel reasonably anxious in social situations and would choose staying at home to avoid the awkwardness of getting to know new people. It was horrible because I always wanted to get out of the box that I felt I was stuck in but just didn’t have the courage to do it. There were a lot of things holding me back but, eventually, by the time that first meeting rolled around, I had let go of a lot of my issues (if not all) and was choosing to trust God rather than anyone or anything else. I’m pretty certain that I’ve almost totally lost my anxiety just by doing this one thing that, in the grand scheme, is really small; God is so good.

What got me through was going with the intention of serving God. As scary as the whole thing was, if I was there first and foremost to do God’s work in looking after the kids and making sure they have a good time then I couldn’t go wrong.  But in choosing that as my aim God has given me so many wonderful blessings. Getting to know the other volunteers and being a bigger part of the Church family than ever before is the best thing He could have done for me. Being used by God to enhance His Kingdom is the greatest thing I think He could’ve guided me to this summer.

I may still have itchy feet, but they’ll have to wait until next summer before they get to travel the world again. For now, they are set firmly in Ireland, where they’ll be until June rolls around again next year.

All prayers that the rest of the week at Holiday Bible Club goes well, for the kids and the leaders, would be appreciated.


PS This song has been very important to me recently and very relevant; give it a listen!


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