The New York Times

Drinking Ginger tea on Sunday night and listening to music from my past,
This is how life should be, just slowly taking in the time,
Taking time to breathe,
Taking time to leave behind all the things you thought were important for 5 days or more.

And I won’t forget the time he accidentally gave me a cigarette burn or put his hands on my waist,
And how I was so ignorant to the fact that it would take almost four years for that memory to fade away,
For that attachment to die and for the pain of history repeating itself every time we found each other again too much.

He has been nothing more than a blip in my life.

Those were dark days when I had no clue where the path would lead, when I didn’t know what path to choose.
But now Blackbirds sit on garden fences and sing to me beautiful songs of hope each morning when I awake, and each evening when the sun begins to set.

This life is long and beautiful and there are many more people left to catch my attention,
There are many more people left on the face of this earth and I have so much time left here,
He was not the only one for me,
He wasn’t the one for me.

For now I will remain in this deep, dank cave, I will remain here while He who created me breaks me and moulds me and shapes me.

And today I will remember all the places we have been to, all the cities He has travelled to with me and shown me the great beauty of; and I remember He made me strong like a lioness and that I have so much left to offer the world and all the people around me.

The New York Times once said a rocket would never reach the moon so I have no need to worry that I am weak because it is simply not true.

With Him I can do anything.


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