Where I Find Security.

Life has gotten a bit mad recently and change is very much on the horizon. In some areas it’s already here but, for the most part, I haven’t reached it just yet.

When life gets like this I get pretty freaked out.

I’m human so I naturally like comfort, I like having a general idea of the sort of thing I’ll be doing a few months down the line. But right now nothing, not a single thing, is certain. I currently have three plans for September onwards, and then a bunch of ideas outside of that, and none of these things being set in stone makes me nervous, but I also know that my decision to change my current circumstances is necessary and also believe that, after much prayer and discussion, God is cool with it.

But while I’m terrified to reach the point where my current circumstances come to an end, I also don’t enjoy where I am right now which makes taking life a day at a time pretty difficult.

But in the midst of all of this madness there is Jesus. He never changes, He is always the same, He is my constant. When things are going crazy I can always rely on Him to be the one thing in my life that will never be different. My relationship with Him will never change in the same way that normal human relationships can. He will never fall out with me, He’ll never give up on me, He’ll never stop loving me. I can’t find my security in people or my job or anything, really, but I can find my security in Him.



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