I Will Not Be Ashamed.

Sometimes I worry that my faith is too much for people.

That I should tone it down or pretend like I care about it less than I do so as people don’t think I’m so crazy or irrational.

But that attitude only makes life harder, it only means I spend all my time denying the fact that my heart leaps for joy any time I see God’s love in every day life, any time I feel His love surrounding me.

Before Jesus was crucified Peter, one of his disciples, denied him three times. But now, with the true knowledge of what happened at Calvary, I cannot deny my Jesus. My rock, my Saviour, my strong tower. I can’t pretend that I’d be happy to date a man who doesn’t love Him, that I’m okay with my behaviour when I gossip, that I don’t notice when I gradually spend less and less time praying and reading my Bible, that I don’t think it’s important to engage with people (because people matter).

The truth is that any time my heart aches, any time I’ve had a bad day, any time I want to curl up in a ball and hibernate for a few weeks, I take it to Jesus. I lay it all down at the foot of the cross because that is “where grace and suffering meet”. That is where I’m reminded how much I’m loved, how much He understands my pain, how much I am forgiven.

That is where I’m reminded that I am safe, and that I have hope, because of Jesus. Because of what He did on that cross.



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