My Other Art

You probably don’t know, but I play guitar and sing, and today I wanted to write about that for a little bit, because I’m not very good at talking myself up but I figure it won’t hurt this once.

I’ve been playing guitar and singing since I was about thirteen, but I’m most proud of my voice. People never expect it and that makes me smile a lot. I’m so grateful for this skill I have that I don’t feel like I’ve really had to work on. I’m massively inspired by artists like John Mayer, Gungor, Sleeping at Last, Kina Grannis, Carrie Underwood, and Gwen Stefani. I enjoy singing most in my car and don’t care that I am most definitely that person who looks like a mad man, but, oddly, I’m not a shower singer.

I haven’t properly performed on stage in years and years but am entirely comfortable singing at a camera in my bedroom; makes sense, right?

I don’t think I ever want to be properly famous, I’d just like to be reaching enough people to know that what I’m doing makes a difference in their lives. I want the songs I cover and, most of all, write, to mean something to someone I’ve never met before, to be the song that brings them through the bad times, that reminds them that they’re not alone, that makes them smile, that brings back wonderful memories.

One of my favourite songs I’ve ever covered is Adele’s version of ‘To Make You Feel My Love’ which you can watch here:

And out of all the songs I’ve written in recent years:

I also play ukulele, so check this video out if you like that sweet Hawaiian instrument:

If you like what you’ve seen them don’t hesitate to subscribe on YouTube or share these videos with your friends, it would mean more to me than I think I could explain in words.


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