A little update.

Hey friends!

So as it’s a Sunday I don’t quite have a post for you but I did want to link you to a few of the other social media sites that I use.

Firstly, you can find me on Twitter @annie2point0, next up I’m on YouTube, so click here for that, and I’m also on Tumblr, which you can find by clicking right here. I realise most of you won’t have much interest in any of these but if you feel like keeping up with my crazy (or not so crazy…) life then feel free to keep an eye on these pages!

I have two posts coming up this week, on Tuesday and Thursday of course, entitled ‘Why Personal Beliefs Don’t Change Love’ and ‘Communion and Community’, so make sure to check back for them around 8:30 pm GMT and feel free to share them with your friends!



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