Women in the Church

The dust has settled and things have definitely calmed down, but to get the cogs turning again, have a read at this: Bristol University Christian Union bars women from teaching.

It breaks my heart so much that there is support for people who don’t believe that women should speak, while those who do are entirely side-lined and made to feel as if their beliefs are unimportant. The more conservative members of the Church (this view has not only been visible within this CU but also within the Church of England when they voted against women bishops) may feel that God is being good and loving towards them but what about the women who are fighting for equality, women of Christ who are fighting for equality, who are being ignored and made to feel that because of their reproductive organs that they aren’t strong enough to hold a position of leadership or to teach within the Body of Christ?

I know, you’ll fight back and say that it’s not Biblical for women to be in positions of leadership, but you’re forgetting that society during Biblical times was entirely different. If a widow’s only son died then she would be left destitute, unable to gain any sort of income or the legal right to marry she would end up on the streets. And I know, you don’t think I can just disregard certain parts of the Bible, but God didn’t let society progress, He didn’t let us fight for the vote or equal pay, for nothing. This isn’t denying the Bible, it’s denying oppression. Millions of women in countries across the world have never had the right to speak, to gain an education, to be seen AND heard, so if women in the UK do we shouldn’t pretend like that isn’t important.

The Bible is not a book of rules, it is a testimony of God’s love and grace, and I don’t think that He wants us to take it and use it to make half of the world feel like they’re not enough because of their body. I don’t at all think that Jesus, in today’s society, would have told women not to speak or take up positions of leadership because we have such great opportunities now, it would be ungrateful not to take advantage of them.

Women have the ability to be just as strong as men and I don’t think it’s fair to side line them and call it Biblical, I think this is the world’s way of breaking the Body of Christ apart.


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