We Are Not Worthless (a poem and a story)

I am so tired of the society that I grew up in and that I am very much still living within making me feel as if I am not good enough because I don’t reflect the world’s view of beauty. I am tired of women feeling like they need to cover themselves in make-up, men thinking that they need to spend more time working out at the gym rather than working on their hearts and REALLY and TRULY believing that this is the only way to live life. Regardless of our sex we all know what it’s like to feel pressure to be more “attractive”, more appealing on the outside, to use our body to make people think that we’re worth something.

I am 22 years old and I still spend my time and my money and my effort trying to look better, trying to fit in with what society says is acceptable but inside I am SCREAMING at the knowledge of what this is doing to me, of what this does to every woman and man that I know.

We know that the images before our eyes, the ones we want to be like, aren’t real, they’re fixed and changed and made “better” so that they’re pleasing to our eyes and they make us think that that is attractive. We forget about good hearts and good minds and good words and we make people think that colours that don’t co-ordinate and messy hair will make them less important.

Everything within me is yelling out, trying to tell the people around me that it’s not their muscles or their facial hair, or their bra size or their wardrobe that makes them better. You might get more compliments but I pray for the day when you no longer validate yourself on that any more, and the day when I can stop validating myself on this too.

I wish I didn’t think, “When I’m in a relationship I’ll feel better,” because that isn’t how it works; having someone tell me I’m attractive won’t change what I see.

The pornification of society has left us believing that we must look a certain way, we must act a certain way, we must know things, we must be able to do things, we must be experienced, we must be able to tick this box, and that one, and we must always do everything that is asked of us BUT IT ISN’T LIKE THAT! Our hearts come first.

Truth and reality is not built on the belief that we can dress well, it’s not built on how we look, and it’s not built on anything other than open hearts and minds. There is more to everyone than how they look and when we don’t believe that about someone it’s only because the world has made us and them think that they’re worthless.

I just don’t get how the media keeps pushing this on us, how we all know that the stick thin models and buff men we see plastered across our TV screens and magazine covers have a negative affect but yet they still keep advertising them as if to say, “This is normal” when it’s anything but. What are they trying to do to us? Are they trying to kill us? Because they are; they’re killing us slowly, from the outside in.

I am tired of this world, I am tired of the pressure and pain it inflicts on us. We are better than this… We are not worthless.


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