For the first time ever I’m doing a first draft of a blog in my Moleskine.

It’s 1:00 am and I’m writing from my bed, ready for some sweet sleep as soon as I’m finished writing. You might be wondering why I’m writing a draft by hand; well, as you can probably tell from the title, this post is about distractions, and my biggest one is the internet.

Here’s how it goes: I wake up, get out of bed, turn my laptop on to check the usual social networking sites and e-mail accounts. I scroll through my Tumblr dashboard, check out any new videos from my YouTube subscriptions, and then I get breakfast. I end up back at my laptop watching rubbish on Netflix, and then spend hours flicking between social networking sites. Before I know it it’s 11:00 pm and, quite literally, my whole day has been wasted on-line. The worst part is that I constantly tell myself, “Right, in half an hour I’ll read,” or, “Okay, I’ve read three pages of that textbook for my Masters application, so now I can spend some time on YouTube. But I end up totally scrapping the reading or writing I really wanted to do and am doing something totally mind numbing on the internet instead.

I have wasted so much of my life on the internet and the thought of that in itself makes me want to cry. I mean how much more could I have accomplished if I’d stopped getting distracted by something so utterly unrewarding and focused on the important things?

Don’t get my wrong, I think the internet is really useful. My blog in particular allows me to reach people who I would otherwise never meet, and gives me tonnes of writing practice, while social networking keeps me in touch with my friends who live half way across the world, but it shouldn’t take over my life.

Most of all this distraction completely destroys my relationship with God.

The world throws distractions at us to keep our eyes off our Saviour and everyone’s distractions are different. Whether it’s the internet, sports, music, your job, whatever it is, everyone has something that distracts them from God. It’s something we’re told to be wary of constantly, but we somehow seem to find justification for it. For me it’s, “Well I need my laptop on for Spotify because the music I want to listen to right now isn’t on my iPod.” I end up sitting at my desk reading right next to my laptop, and of course am on Facebook within ten minutes.

So this is why I’m writing a first draft in my Moleskine. I turned off my laptop about an hour ago and I already feel better. I’ve read my Bible, listened to worship music, and even mumbled a few words to God. I’ve also decided that tomorrow I’m cancelling my Netflix membership; I need less reasons to go on-line and getting rid of that will help. I’m excited to wake up tomorrow and not go on-line straight away, to not be tied to it and to start living my life with Jesus.

I hope that you also will be able to get rid of your distractions.


5 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Ooh, your Moleskine caught my attention. I got these in my stocking last year http://tinyurl.com/cy7tkox
    Sometimes I can’t believe how long I used to spend online (minus uni procrastination) cause now I can barely find enough to keep me online for an hour a day. S’pose I don’t have the time any more either and the time I do have I spend with movies and books. Which some people might call a distraction too. Hmmm, can’t win.

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