“God Bless these United States.”

Today, after months of campaigning, Barack Obama was voted back into office and started his second term as President of the United States of America.

I’m not American but as soon as I heard the news this morning I felt relieved. You see, being the most powerful country in the world gives the USA a lot of influence over the rest of us, especially in the UK, because our Prime Minister is pretty much the President’s lap dog. Saying that, Cameron hasn’t taken any leaves out of Obama’s book just yet, but maybe he’ll learn a thing or two after seeing a Democrat voted in twice.

If America had voted Romney in they would’ve made the same mistake that so many did in the UK when they decided to vote for a Conservative government. As the months go on since Cameron was voted in at 10 Downing Street I see this country fall apart. I see the poor suffer at the hands of the wealthy, I see taxes raised for poor and lowered for the rich, I see the arts trampled on and education viewed as something that can be put up for sale, not something that everyone has a right to. Racism is on the rise and our government are doing very little to change people’s mindsets.

But America, you did good. You made the right choice.

Romney cared about nothing more than the 1%. He wanted to remove free health care (something that we pride ourselves on in the UK; did you see the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London?!), he wanted to take away women’s freedom to choose, and he didn’t care too much about them getting equal pay to men for the same jobs. He doesn’t care about immigrants or the people fighting for what they believe in. He simply doesn’t care about the little guy. He wanted to make English the official language of the USA; for a country that many describe as “a melting pot of cultures”, isn’t this a little racist? A little insane? He wanted to promote legal immigration through actions like this, but surely this means all those who weren’t born American, who are of different nationalities, will no longer be made to feel welcome in a place they call home? He supports Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and opposes gay marriage.

He doesn’t support the majority. I don’t get how I have Christian friends who wanted this guy to win.

I don’t understand how people can vote for someone with policies like this. Maybe they weren’t aware of them? Maybe they just thought, “Anything’s better than Obama”, but I think both of those options are just lame excuses.

However, Obama did win. He did make it back to The White House. I hope that I, and many people across the world, will sleep soundly tonight in the knowledge that the USA made a good choice.

Give yourselves a pat on the back America; you did good.


Photo courtesy of news.com.au


2 thoughts on ““God Bless these United States.”

  1. I disagree that the UK has fallen apart since the Conservative Party has stepped in and in fact if we were to continue with Labour’s welfare society we would be going further and further downhill. There’s no money to pump into the ever growing welfare budget and more and more people have to make the step up themselves instead making it more appealing to not work and still live a better off life. There are plenty of people I know who because of their laziness don’t bother to work hard at school or if school isn’t their thing don’t bother to work at their other possibilities, this isn’t me a upperclass snob talking down to the poor from my white stallion whilst on a fox hunt with my eton pals, it’s just reality. This mentality brings other problems such as ignorance, racism, riots, general violence etc. Furthermore because the welfare state is so large, they contribute a lot to the votes for parliament, this means governments are uneasy to cut things that effect the welfare society as it will surely cost them votes. The conservative party have come in to government after a decade of spend spend spend mentality. This for obvious reasons could not go on so it is understandable that cuts, harsh as they are, must happen. So, I would blame the way Labour and the most of the western world that has told us credit cards are good and there’s plenty money to go around therefore spend and your debts will magically disappear!

    Yeah Conservatives can get lots of stick for shutting down certain things or cutting this and that but in a declining nation where there are very little things Britain can do better than others, there is no money to be able to spend our way out!

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