Recently my work mates found out that I sing and play guitar and this has ended in some quite awkward moments for me. I appreciate the compliments and the demands for me to sing in the middle of the office, but as I’m not much of a performer and prefer to sing to my camera for my YouTube channel I’ve been left with quite the red face.

However, this has made me ponder a few things about art and it’s importance today. Don’t worry, I’m not about to go on some big political rant, but what I do wish to do is share the work of some people who I think deserve more recognition. Whether they are musicians, writers, painters, photographers, whatever they do I believe they deserve to be talked about so, I present to you, some wonderfully talented people:

  • My good friend, Jude Lacey, is a brilliant artist and has recently created a Facebook page for her work which you can check out right here.  Keep your eyes peeled for more of her work and also hopefully an Etsy page (right, Jude?!!). At least I’m hoping for an Etsy page…
  • Sunset Electrics hail from Phoenix, AZ and are a mix of country, pop and indie. They’re one of those bands that I’m just waiting to hear more from and can’t wait until their first EP is ready.
  • Gemma Wilson is an abolitionist who blogs right here. Gemma writes beautifully about “modern day slavery and human trafficking with an emphasis on localised counter-trafficking movements.” Her work is not only stunning but important and the blog is definitely worth a follow.
  • Scott Gallagher is a Belfast-based photographer who is able to see art in what the untrained eye would miss. You can check out his work on his website.

I know plenty more talented people but am just waiting for them to get their bums in gear and get their work on line. Until then, please enjoy the talents of those listed above.



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