Seeing the Beauty.

It’s 1:44 am and I’m awake. Not wide awake, just awake.

I don’t often get to stay up this late in the knowledge that I don’t have much to worry about the next day, so this is nice. It’s nice to be able to be myself, to live life how I want, to ponder life while the rest of this part of the planet is, mostly, fast asleep.

I’ve wondered a lot of things this past week. I’ve wondered why people think they can get away with aggressive, negative behaviour, why more people don’t look for the good things in life, I’ve wondered how I can forget all the beauty that I’ve seen while I sit in an office for eight hours a day. I fear that the negativity of society is dragging me down and pulling me away from the truth that I know to be real.

Last summer, on a five hour flight between LA and Pittsburgh, PA, my plane flew over the Grand Canyon; never before have I had a bird’s eye view of something so beautiful and mind-boggling. I only got a quick glimpse at it but the image is still etched in my memory; it’s kind of what I think the moon would look like from above, but in a different colour, of course.

Chris August sings a beautiful song called ‘Canyons (Beautiful Noise)’ that goes a little something like this:

Life is hard, people are awkward, Jesus never said things would be easy. But there is still good and beauty to be found in this world and we just need to look for it. It’s easy to sit in your office thinking, “I shouldn’t be here, I’m too good for this, I deserve better.” But doing that won’t get us any where. What will teach us and grow us is if we can let go of pride, stop wallowing, and find that little bit of good in the situation.

As we sing, as we praise God, as we cry out to Him, He listens and our words of praise and worship bounce off the walls as we stand at the bottom of the deepest canyons, until the echo sounds like a whole choir is creating a joyful noise unto the Lord. As we find the good in life, as we choose each day to have a positive attitude, to love people, to help them, we grow closer to Jesus. We all have struggles but what matters is how we overcome them, and the first step is finding that little bit of light in all the darkness. Once you see it it will never be covered up again.



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