Is the mainstream media treating us like idiots?

It’s currently 11:53 pm in the UK and I’m ready for bed. I’m in my pyjamas, I’ve taken off my make-up, and now all I need to do is brush my teeth, flick the light switch and dive under the covers; I am excited for this moment.

I’m tired tonight; it’s been a long day. I’m an ambivert, someone who is both introverted and extroverted and, right now, my introverted side has a lot of time and space to flourish. I spend a lot of time thinking, a lot of time processing ideas and concepts, a lot of time wondering about the past, the present, and the future. Today I had an interview with a corporation, and after it I came home to discover my post on Paul Angone’s blog had been published (see previous post for more details). I was ecstatic to see my words on a website that someone else had chosen to create. Someone, a person who is working on a book that will be on sale in the near future, thinks I’m a good enough writer to put my article on his blog.

After this I began to think about how much I want to pursue writing. I’ve wanted to do it as a career for a long time now, but sometimes I really think about it and how great it would be. However, I then considered my general day-to-day statistics. Overall, my blog doesn’t get that many views. I post it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr… Not that many people actually want to read it. Most of my views seem to come from people who somehow stumbled across my blog by accident. Sometimes this gets me down, but other times I don’t care so much. What gets me most is that people are becoming apathetic about reading. We want our media quick, snappy, as short and simple as possible. I frequently find myself looking at really interesting articles in the Huffington Post but actually only skimming through them, not really wanting to take the time to read. How many people actually want to read a reasonably lengthy blog post any more?

A lot of people want to write, but is the problem now that a lot of people just don’t want to read? Has the media dumbed us down so much that we’re only willing to take what it can give us in a simple format that almost insults our intelligence? Or maybe I’m doing this wrong, maybe I should be doing it differently. I just worry that we’re becoming a world of simpletons, ready to take on nothing but what we’re given. Will there come a day when we stop searching for more information, more opinions, more ideas? I know that I, for one, want to constantly be questioning, reasoning, finding answers for myself. After studying the media for four years I decided that it was the last industry I wanted to be in because it’s full of lies and deceit. I won’t lie, I don’t watch the news, because I don’t trust it. The only news outlet I trust is the Huffington Post. I’m not paranoid, I’m just tired of the mainstream media keeping secrets and treating me like an idiot. It may be illegal for newspapers to misquote people, but that doesn’t stop them taking quotes out of context or wording headlines in a way that makes the stories seem far worse than they actually are.

The corporate giant doesn’t want us to know its secrets, and it knows how easily appeased the majority of the population is; that scares me. So I encourage you, the reader, to question, to do your own research, to not trust everything you hear, because I know you’re smarter than that, and because we need to ensure that the truth gets out.



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