Finally, some plans.

I’ve made a decision about the next ten months (ten brings me to June and the very start of summer).

I’m going to find a job as quick as I can, which means applying for everything I find that seems even half-suitable. I want to do this so in ten months I can head across the pond, which will be for the first time in two years, to road trip up and down the west coast of America. I always felt at home in America in a way in which I never did in Scotland and N.Ireland. A lot of you will laugh at this, making jokes about my accent, but I don’t mind. It’s a place I love to be in, where I feel comfortable; that’s not a lot to ask of  a place.

It’s a brilliant, exciting goal and I love it. These ten months also give me plenty of time to become more involved in Church, get to know tonnes of people in N.Ireland, and learn to drive. It does put my moving out plans on hold, but I’ve decided I’m okay with that. I would have done this this summer, but we all know why I couldn’t. This also means I’ll get to work and get some good stuff for my CV which will make life easier one I return home from my travels.

I really need to do this. I have incredibly itchy feet already so ten months is a really long time to wait, but if it means I can do some proper travelling it’ll be more than worth it. I’m still growing up, still figuring out life, and travelling is a good way to do this. I’m not usually into all that “finding yourself” stuff but there’s something about seeing different countries and ways of life that really makes you figure out what you want. And just because America is full of English speaking white people doesn’t mean it’s anything like the UK. Southern California in itself is a culture shock and that’s why I love it.

Knowing how much scope for writing this adventure will give me is amazing; that in itself is more than enough reason for me to do it.

The frustrating part is that I know it’s exciting now, because I haven’t been looking for jobs for long since I made this decision (I think it’s been about two days…), but it’s going to get tough, and sometimes I’ll feel like it’ll never get any where. But this is a dream, and I was able to fulfil the past two dreams I chased after, so I don’t believe this will be any different 🙂



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