“My plan is to work hard, write songs I love and am passionate about, and share them with people.”

In May Joshua Hyslop released his debut album, Where the Mountain Meets the Valley, and recently I was lucky enough to be able to ask him a few questions about being a musician, chasing after a dream in the current economic climate, and how things have been going since the release.

“Things have been going very well”, he tells me, “I’ve been getting some reviews in some blogs as well as some newspapers, hearing my songs on the radio, and playing shows as often as I can. It’s been quite busy, but that’s never a bad thing!” Joshua also recently released the video for ‘Cold Wind‘, a song that was the title track of his EP which was recorded and released last year. Admittedly he doesn’t enjoy being in front of the camera too much but “It went quite smoothly… Everyone we were working with was really laid back and super fun to work with, so it turned out really well, I think.” The video was shot in a forest near Vancouver on the same day as the video for ‘Nowhere Left to Go’, and as Joshua says, “We started early and went until late afternoon and ended up with two music videos.”

But even though Joshua is working hard to get his music heard you probably know the economy isn’t doing so well these days, so for new musicians the world over, having a career as an artist can’t be too easy. However, he seems to be taking it in his stride and is especially grateful to the people who support his work: ” It’s definitely not an easy path to walk. It’s hard work and can be super frustrating. But I also have some incredibly supportive fans and an amazing team backing me up.” It’s certainly not a career that he’ll be giving up any time soon as he says ” I’ve been so blessed to get this opportunity. My plan is to work hard, write songs I love and am passionate about, and share them with people. I hope I get to do that for a long time.”

As the economy has changed, so has the music industry and, unlike simpler times, when PureVolume and MySpace Music were a great way to get your music heard, and when Independent Labels were a big part of the music industry, this just isn’t the case any more. But while corporate labels seem to be taking over, what advice does Joshua have for budding musicians? “Be creative. Don’t just post about yourself on Facebook or Twitter or Myspace. Those sites can be wonderful tools, but no one wants their friend in a band messaging them everyday about their next show, or their new album. There are always different ways of getting your music out there. And play shows. Play as often as you can, whether there’s a big crowd or not. Just play.”

For now, Joshua is working on some Christmas music: “I’m pretty excited about it. I love Christmas.” He’ll also be playing some more local shows and working on yet another music video to be released in the near future.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more news on this incredibly talented, up and coming musician; he is definitely sure to do great things.


To find out more about Joshua Hyslop, listen to his music, and find links to his Facebook and Twitter, you can check out his website right here.

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