Why I’ve decided (for now) to quit writing a book.

For a while all I wanted to do was write about my student days, to think about them and how great they were and how much God had worked in and through me during them.

There’s no doubt about the fact that my student days were great and I loved them, but I don’t think I should write about them while I’m so insanely lost. In fact I don’t think I should try and write 80,000 words on one topic until I’m a far better writer.

A lot of people were really excited at the prospect of me writing a book, and it would have been really cool, but writing a book is really hard. It takes a lot of hard work and effort, and right now, as well as frequently updating this blog I’m trying to write for other blogs and applying for jobs to support my writing.

I definitely want to write a book some day but I don’t think that time is now. Some of you will call me a quitter and you’re more than welcome to have an opinion, but I was writing this book for no one but me. It was almost a way to ease the transition between student life and real life, and that transition has been well and truly made.



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