Gender divisions within the church, and how they’re not cool.

As I’m sure is quite obvious to most of you by now, I am female. I am a female who enjoys cooking and baking and summer dresses and cute animals and acoustic music. But I am also a female who enjoys cycling and hiking and gardening. I enjoy muddy forest walks and camping and listening to metal and eating too much.

So that also makes me a female who is frustrated to no end when “women’s events” in the Church involve nothing but cupcakes and tea and makeovers, while the men get to go off on some sort of fun adventure and then end the day eating steak.

Why is the Church so backwards? Why are women not allowed to embrace the truth of being female, and how that’s more than eating cupcakes and looking pretty?

Most of all I worry about women in the Church who don’t particularly enjoy all the generically feminine things that are forced upon them. Every so often I receive invites to clothes swaps to raise money for charity; I don’t know the first thing about fashion and I don’t really own that many clothes to swap. I instantly feel lacking in some unwritten feminine ability that all women should know a lot about clothes. Personally, I hate shopping and only do it about once a year when I really have to, but these events make me wonder if I should be buying more clothes, if I should know more about fashion. Am I not worth more than that? My heart for Jesus certainly has nothing to do with the clothes on my back so why do I worry like this?

The Church doesn’t help by dividing us into these groups of women who like [insert generically feminine interest here] and men who enjoy [insert generically masculine interest here]. When women get invited to bring some sort of food item to an event but yet they don’t know the first thing about cooking or baking, how do they feel when they see their fellow sisters in Christ carrying their home made dishes to the table, while they try and discretely remove the packaging from their shop bought cake? And what about men, what do they do when they’re invited to an evening to watch the match with their fellow brothers in Christ, but they don’t really like sport that much?

I don’t fully understand why single sex events can’t be made more diverse. I’m not saying women should all do something overtly masculine, while men do something feminine, but why can’t we be more open to the interests of the people within the Church? Why can’t we find out the interests of our brothers and sisters and try out something different every so often?



2 thoughts on “Gender divisions within the church, and how they’re not cool.

  1. I would love to hear more about what you think in regards to all of this. I certainly have been feeling the same. Would you be interested in maybe some email correspondence?

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