‘Chase’: A Poem

For 24 days I have been out of my comfort zone, out of my home.

I have been up and down, lost and found.

I have yearned for adventure while clinging to home comforts.

My mind has been here and there, and everywhere,
Running from one idea to the next,
Hopping across stepping stones and just missing that moment in which my foot plunges into the cold, icy waters of the river in which I found myself for so many years.

To put it simply I miss the grandeur of the mountains,
Something which the beach on my doorstep hasn’t quite reached yet.

It is bright and beautiful but it isn’t quite where I belong.

I dream of travelling up north,
To see the sand dunes, wide expanses of water, funny shaped rocks, and bridges that might collapse;
But I’m not sure how to get there.

I have empty pockets and an empty wallet,
While the plastic cards found inside aren’t enough to get me any were.

But what I do hold,
What rests inside my hand and my heart,
Will take me further than the stars.

I hold the hand of the Great One,
The love of the True One,
The forgiveness of the Saving One,
The grace of the Merciful One,
And the mercy of the Gracious One.

His light burns brighter than the sun and His Son is the One who saved me.

His passion for me is louder than any drum,
Higher than any mountain,
Deeper than any ocean,
Wider than any valley,
Stronger than any man,
Purer than any dove.

When life is quiet He tells me to sing,
To remind me that I am not praising alone,
But that the whole world cries out in worship;

And I dance in His presence.

The truth is that I don’t need mountains or funny shaped rocks,
I don’t need sand dunes or wide expanses of water,
Because without Him it is all meaningless,
It is all destitute.

My thirst for Him can only be quenched by Him,
And all the things I dream of follow Him,
So I must continue to chase Him.



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