Things about the world that I think are brilliant.

  • Sign language: even in silence we still find love and fellowship, we can still communicate. I’d like to learn sign language one day.
  • Babies: they’re so little and yet they hold so much hope. They’re a new creation, they are perfect and unaware of sin and pain and brokenness. They’re also tiny and have cute noses and laugh at inappropriate moments (mostly when grown ups need something to smile about).
  • The fact that, even though the world is falling to pieces, so many people still find beauty in art and science and nature.
  • Photography: the ability to capture a moment in time and hold it there forever.
  • Sex trafficking and pornography and slavery and drug addiction and all the other evil things in the world may exist, but there is always someone fighting against these things, to shine a light into the darkness.
  • Film: films have a great way of giving us an escape from our own lives, of making us realise the world is bigger than the bubble that we live within. Films tells us stories, they help our imaginations grow, they hold the beauty of photography but put it to music and words and motion. I’ll never be able to say enough about film so I’ll stop here; maybe we can discuss film over coffee or beer sometime?
  • Food: food is best enjoyed with other people. I love sitting down with my favourite people and having a meal together, and I like that most when the food is home made.

What things about the world do you think are brilliant? Feel free to comment.



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