Approaching the Once Unapproachable

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I want to include a video for you today because I think Aaron Gillespie’s story is important. I think it shows the true nature of pornography and how it can so easily get into the minds of children and teens and forever remain glued there. This addiction is nothing like drugs or alcohol or gambling; this addiction won’t necessarily cost you anything, it won’t be obvious to other people that there’s something wrong, it won’t even require you to leave your own home. Pornography and sexual addiction doesn’t change a person externally, it changes them internally so as to stop them functioning in a way in which allows them to love others, to be open to them, to be a good friend, a good sister, brother, mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife… the list goes on. This addiction is viewed as embarrassing and shameful, it’s something that we, as a society, and as a Church, as the body of Christ, have made taboo; it is now our duty to change this, to make this as “normal” as any other addiction you can name. We need to make this a reality, not just for men, but for women and teenagers too. If you think only men struggle with sexual sin then you’re crazy.

I don’t think there’s many churches in which sexual sin is approached properly. I’ve never heard of events which approach the problem of pornography addiction, but I’ve heard all too often that girls shouldn’t wear short skirts and low cut tops so as not to cause men to lust. Does the church have some weird view of women being perfect, virginal angels who don’t have a clue what sex is until the wedding night?

It’s time we got our priorities straight and started approaching the topics that make us nervous, the things that we’d rather leave alone in hopes that they’ll go away, because when was that ever a good solution?



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