Wounds from our fellow brothers/sisters in Christ, and why they hurt the most.

A lot of the time I wish I was able to write satirically. I wish I could make you laugh with my sharp wit and my banterous (that is most definitely a word) jokes. But, sadly, I’m not too good at funny. I’m one of those writers who takes life quite seriously sometimes. But sometimes there’s things in life and faith that encourage us to view it in this way, with a steely gaze and folded arms.

Throughout life I have had many painful experiences caused solely by members of the body of Christ. People who call themselves Christians but who appear to be doing the utmost to ruin what that means.

I have many wounds from tough times, many scars that have healed and many that are still healing.

But the ones that hurt the most are from those who told me that they lived for Christ. The people who worshipped alongside me and told me how excited they were about God. When those people turn around and punch us in the gut, when they dig in the knife, when they harm us, it hurts more than ever before.

These are the people who you just assumed would be kind, that they would never do this to you, that they knew too much of love to really do that to you.

It hurts because if Jesus says they’re meant to act a certain way then they should do just that, right? They should be everything we expect.

But humans aren’t that simple and this is why forgiveness is so important. If I mess up all the time, if I hurt people, then surely the same good things have been assumed about me, which means I have no right not to forgive those who hurt me. I owe it to them to give them the one thing that my own heart yearns for.

Most of all, we need to forgive because God, the creator of our universe, will always forgive us.

He thinks better of us.
He knows we’re capable of loving greatly.
He knows He is all we need to change.
He died so we could change and be accepted. 

But we still turn around and hurt Him. We stab Him in the back on a daily basis.

For the glory of God we must forgive.

I can’t sit here and tell you that we all just need to get over the pain we feel, that we should just ignore the scars, because I certainly can’t do that. But what we need to do is fix our eyes upon Jesus. He is the only one in my life who is perfect, and the only one who can change my heart, so I must trust in Him to help me to forgive those who hurt me, especially those who are a part of the body of His body, because if we can’t forgive each other then who can we forgive?



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