A little bit about me, your intrepid blogger.

My name is Annie (but my real name is actually Marianne).

Currently I am 22 years old and, on June 27th, will graduate from the University of Stirling with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Journalism Studies, with Film & Media. I didn’t realise how smart I was until this establishment awarded me with a degree classification of a 2:1 just yesterday; apparently I’m not as non-academic as I thought. I spent a great four years living in Stirling and am quite sad to say that it currently isn’t my home (but I home to go back sometime quite soon, as it’s more home to me than any were in this world).

I’m a sensitive soul (“though I seem thick skinned” – if you get that reference our friendship just increased tenfold) and I cry really easily (the Guinness Christmas advert usually makes me burst into tears). So, basically, I’m a bit of a sap who enjoys a good Disney film/Rom.-Com. with lots of chocolate and cups of tea/ice cream and popcorn. You may also find me sobbing at an episode of One Tree Hill, or wondering, while watching The OC, how I can find and marry Seth Cohen (don’t tell me he’s fictional, you’ll only ruin my dream). Sometimes, when I want something even more mind numbing, I watch trash like Made in Chelsea, just to remind myself of the fact that I am unemployed and not the heir to a fortune.

I love writing and have adored the written word for as long as I can remember. I not only write this blog but am currently working on a book and have also kept diaries since I was fourteen years old. They’re quite hilarious, yet terribly embarrassing, to look back on, but that’s why I love having them. My family is full of writers so I have plenty of support in pursuing a career in the arts. Writing professionally is kind of a dream, but I’d also like to teach English as a foreign language in the UK, to aid those from other countries who want to integrate better into our society to do just that.

I adore cooking and baking, and don’t at all mind cleaning. I’ve loved baking since I was tiny (I’d always get really excited to bake with my Gran) and I taught myself to cook at university. My favourite meal to cook is probably Goats Cheese Risotto; it makes my tummy quite happy and it’s really easy to cook. I should also probably inform you here that I make the best brownies in the world – ask me to make them for you some time and I just might! I also make a damn good Victoria Sponge Cake and Rocky Road tray bakes. One of the main ways I show love to people is being hospitable and cooking and baking for them; it makes  me quite happy to see other people happy because of something I’ve made for them.

I LOVE ANIMALS!!! What’s so unfortunate about this is that I don’t own any. This has ended in my friends having to stop me from stealing dogs from people (but not really) and, in my final year of university, constantly suggesting to my house mates that we get pretty much every animal I could think of; I even made plans for a dolphin. I used to ride horses but, while working at Summer Camp in West Virgnia in 2011, actually discovered that I was far better at ground work, and that I enjoyed it a lot more. My pipe dream (everyone has a few) is to one day own a petting zoo. I’m smart enough to realise this will probably never happen.

I’m a big geek for films and music. I spend a lot of time listening to film scores (John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Alan Menken are some of my favourite composers) but have a wide taste in music including artists such as Switchfoot, Ben Howard, Julie Fowlis, Katy Perry, Rascal Flatts, Lupe Fiasco, and a tonne more (really, I’m too old now to list off to you the artists I listen to because there’s far too many). But to turn to films, after having studied film, I have far too many favourites. I’m not into much of that “black and white with subtitles” rubbish, but I love films like The Lord of the Rings, Lords of Dogtown, PsychoCinema Paradiso, Beauty and the Beast, War Horse, and P.S. I Love You; basically, I have a pretty eclectic taste in films and will watch anything once.

I’m a bit of a nerd and love Zelda and a wee bit of Pokemon. I grew up with the first and the latter has only recently re-entered my life. I don’t like all this new rubbish they’re making for video games that’s all about zombies and killing people. Maybe it’s the artist in me but I like something with a bit of a story to it. I also enjoy a good spot of gardening and am currently mothering a plant named Dr. Sweet & Sour that was given to me at the start of my final year of university. He is my pride and joy and you better not make fun of me for that.

But most of all, before any of this silly stuff, I love my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In fact, I’m pretty much head over heels in love with Him, and insanely happy to know that He feels the same about me, but even more so. He has helped me to grow into the person I always wanted to be, and is constantly working in my heart to make me into the person He needs me to be. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Him. In the dark times He is my hope and guide, He carries me when I can’t walk, He is my hiding place. And in the good times it is truly great to rejoice in Him, to be reminded that this is just a tiny view of what it will be like when we are with Him, when we are finally at home. He is my Northern Star and I will follow Him in this life until I can be with Him in Heaven.



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