The little things, and how they make the big, scary things better.

Since coming home I’ve been pretty worried about money. As I’m currently unemployed and can’t get a job until at least October I’ve been a bit nervous about the whole thing but God’s really been answering my prayers. Whether that be in my parents giving me money for the train or friends unexpectedly paying for my coffee or sharing their tray bake with me, it’s been so nice. The little things all add up so quickly, but it hasn’t just been the little things.

Today I bought a bike.

Originally I’d given myself a budget of £150 and hadn’t even thought about second hand, but a few pals told me definitely not to get a new one and suggested places to find decent second hand ones. I managed to get a really good one for an amazing price and tonight I had some cycle banter with a good friend.

But the best part? I didn’t even pay for it myself.

I have a great Gran. Myself, my brother and my cousins are all in our twenties but she still saves “pocket money” for us, and today, totally unexpectedly, she gave me more than enough money to cover the cost of the bike. I was kind of over the moon.

I prayed about getting a bike but was sort of afraid God would think it was one of those shallow prayers along the same lines as a kid asking Him for an X Box. But I guess my reasoning was pretty legitimate; I can’t drive, I went to keep fit, and I want to gain more independence before real life really starts.

Even tonight He used the bike to encourage me to trust in Him even more. My friend and I cycled to Groomsport, a village about 2 miles away from where I live. On the way there my foot kept cramping up and there were a few shaky moments when I was worried I was a bit screwed. My footwear choice was most definitely the problem, but I couldn’t change that before getting home again. So after a bit of a break in Groomsport we started to cycle home and I prayed for a wee bit, and y’ know what? “The foot” (as I kept calling it) was 100% fine, didn’t cramp up once. On top of that I had a lovely chat with my pal while we were sitting waiting for “the foot” to sort itself out.

Things in N.Ireland are certainly getting better and God is in all of it. June should be a good month 🙂



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