Plans, and how we have options.

It’s currently 9:11 am and I have been awake for approximately 56 minutes.

Life is so truly beautiful at the minute. Today is the first day in which a large part of my day, the morning, has been free and open for me to just hang out and do nothing. Tomorrow, packing to move back to Northern Ireland for a little while begins, but this morning I get to just chill.

Last year, if I’d stayed in Stirling for an extra 16 days after finishing, I know that my life would’ve been a lot more dull and the people I spent time with would’ve been a lot less beneficial to my life. But the past two weeks have been so busy and so full of amazing fellowship. There hasn’t been a single day which hasn’t been full of plans. I’ve been so busy that I’ve only just noticed the massive patch of beautiful blue flowers that have sprung up outside my window!

And I’ve liked it like this. I’ve liked that God has made my life completely busy and crazy because it’s helping me to say goodbye, it’s stopping me from sitting and being sad about leaving, it’s like the last hurrah for student life.

The past four years have been privileged in that I’ve known exactly what was coming up when each one ended; but this year I don’t know what’s coming up in September. I don’t have a job lined up or, currently, any big plans set in stone.

But I’m working on it; and because of that I can safely say God has got this. Too many people think that if you just wait around God will drop plans into your lap, but this isn’t the case. Yesterday on Twitter, Donald Miller posted this:

People who believe God has a distinct plan for their lives may simply fear the responsibility of shared agency. He is not a dictator.

For a long time now I have very much believed that God gives us different paths to choose from in each situation in life. Some of these paths will be in dark valleys while others will be on mountain tops, but, either way, he will use them for good. There are so many things I could do with my life after university but whatever I choose, God will work within those plans. 
I’m excited for this. I’m excited about the fact that God knows my options, and where I’m going, and that it’s all set out already, I just need to find it.


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