A list, and positive thoughts.

I’m currently trying to come to terms with the fact that in less than two weeks I have to leave beautiful Scotland and head back to Northern Ireland. After this I will have a month before I head to California for six weeks and I need to fill that month. So, thanks to one of my fellow bloggers over at Cath Loves, I’m going to make a list of the things I wish to do in the time that I’m home, because who doesn’t love a good list?

  1. Read the Lord of the Rings. Yes, yes, I realise there’s three massive books in the trilogy, so this basically means read as much as I possibly can in the time that I have.
  2. Read the first Game of Thrones book. Again, I realise that the Fellowship of the Ring will take me a decent amount of time, so this will possibly be read after that, and before the next two LOTR books, unless I’m really pumped up for those after the first. We shall see. Basically, the first two should just be encompassed into “READ”.
  3. Weather permitting, go for a morning run at least every other day (I’m lucky enough to live incredibly close to a beach – it’ll be just like Chariots of Fire!).
  4. Grow things. I’m a big fan of gardening and would love to get stuck into it again. I may try and grow a tomato plant or two, we shall see.
  5. Read the Bible every day and pray lots.
  6. See my friends as much as possible. Old friends, new friends, friends from nearby, friends from far away… just don’t let myself believe that there aren’t people at home who love me because there are. Stirling isn’t my only support system.
  7. Work on the book everyday; even if I write no more than 250 words at a time, just make progress.
  8. Get stuck into church. I have a great one in mind, and I need to start being independent enough to go without the parental unit or I’ll never really get involved.
  9. Cook for the fam lots. I love both, so why not?
  10. Write letters to amazing people.
  11. Bake things and mail it to amazing people.
  12. Don’t sit on my bum watching bad TV and refreshing Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter. None of these things will get me any were or make me feel any better about being in N.Ireland.
I’m pretty scared of home because it brings up the past, but I know God has got me, and He’s got this, and He’s going to change that. If I go home feeling negative about it it’s going to be awful, but if I can be even a little bit positive it’ll be grand.

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