Pain, and why it’s not really that bad.

Human hearts were made to feel pain.
It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But it’s not.

When God created man He made us in His image, He made us to reflect Him, and He gave us emotions. He wanted us to feel joy, but to do that He had to allow us to feel pain. Compassion wouldn’t exist without suffering. And, on the cross, He felt the ultimate pain, something none of us would ever feel; He was completely separated from His Father.

The pain that we will feel in life is just a tiny reflection of what Jesus felt on the cross.
Things may be tough now, but I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be totally separated from God, with no option to grab hold of Him again, knowing that He had completely let go of me.

Time will heal this, it always does. I will be fine.
The devil will eventually see that there’s no point in continuing to try and harm me, the wound will heal, and my heart will no longer be heavy, because I have Jesus.

And that is all that truly matters.

Any and all prayers are appreciated.



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