Midnight Thoughts

As we’re all used to in Scotland, tonight was another bitterly cold night. After having had a great time with a bunch of amazing people, those of us who live in the chalets headed back home, and something happened. Something that I’m not sure I know how to describe. Like I said, it was bitterly cold, and it was so quiet. Oh, so quiet. Like everything had settled once again and the storm had ended. It was that kind of cold that goes right through to your bones, but it was refreshing and new and, most of all, safe.

Only good things are ahead this semester.

I don’t want to quote Bible verses to you tonight because sometimes I fail at praying and reading my Bible, but God still works, He doesn’t give up just because I’m weak. I was really broken last semester. Really lost and unsure and afraid, but this semester things are so different.

I feel like the prodigal son, like a soldier being sent out to battle with all the best armour, I am loved and I am ready for whatever the next few months want to throw at me because of that love.

And because of that love I want to love other people; I’m already seeing a change in myself.

I have Christ, and therefore I have everything I’ll ever need.



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