What We Really Needed

Matthew 11:2-3
“When John heard in prison what Christ was doing, he sent his disciples to ask him, ‘Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?'”

No one expected a Messiah like Jesus.

In a time when the Jews were waiting for someone to sort out their political situation, Jesus was not the answer they wanted. But one of the most beautiful things about the Creator of Our Universe is that He knows exactly what we need, and solutions to political instability are not the be all and end of our lives.

The human race survives on love and compassion, if we didn’t care for each other we would be hopeless. Jesus didn’t come to sort out the little quarrels that society had caused, he came to heal his creation and give us a second chance. When this world comes to an end there won’t be any boundaries or governments or divides to worry about, the only thing to worry about will be whether we acknowledged Jesus before men.

And if we don’t know love how can we know Jesus?

1 John 4:16
“God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.”

So the longer we ignore love the longer we ignore the one thing that brings us any sort of hope.



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